Rapport with client’s is built upfront for 90% of effective marketers. The beginning stages of a business relationship are some of the most important stages as the other side is carefully paying attention to your every move and communication. Items such as kick off calls, hand offs to other internal teammates, expectation setting, results, consistency, responsiveness, quality […]

How To Be An Elite Full Stack Digital Marketer

You want to know something? Technology, specifically computation and data, is taking over the entire world. Most developed countries are already connected to the Internet, while 3rd world countries are catching up quickly, leapfrogging the industrial revolution and dropping themselves into the 4th revolution – information technology. As of this writing, over half of the […]

Vivid Vision

September 2, 2019, Loveland, CO  Leverage Capital, a Colorado-based real estate investment firm, is an investment firm, unlike anything you’ve seen. Instead of slacks and ties, you’ll find the small team wearing ball caps and jeans – if you can locate them at all. The team has replaced the forty-hour workweek with something deemed, “the thirtyish hour […]

Equity is THE Crowning Jewel

Having great equity (client retention) in a business serves as one of the greatest skills a professional can ever hope to master. Not only does having great equity mean effective client management, sales expectations, leadership, and vision, but more importantly it signals consistent quality of performance.  There are a million and one ways to grow […]

How to build a book of clients working at an agency

A professional needs to build up his pipeline of opportunity by networking with salesmen of all varieties and characters. Simultaneously ensure the people you do business with have high integrity and are long term thinkers. As you ‘date’ salespeople you’ll better understand how effectively the two of you may work together (how much money the […]