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Let’s do this Leverage Capital LLC!

September 2, 2019, Loveland, CO  Leverage Capital, a Colorado-based real estate investment firm, is an investment firm, unlike anything you’ve seen. Instead of slacks and ties, you’ll find the small team wearing ball caps and jeans – if you can locate them at all. The team has replaced the forty-hour workweek with something deemed, “the thirtyish hour workweek” with regular company-paid trips to amazing locations like Telluride, Jackson Hole, Park City, and Aspen.

Don’t fall suit in beliving the lack of “normal” work practices as a sign of incompetence. The last two years Leverage Capital has crossed the $3,000,000 mark for controlled real estate. The team works with over 5 accredited investors to buy and manage 20+ rental units across Colorado with national expansion in the pipeline, made up of mostly multi-family homes, single-family homes, and residential apartment complexes. With over $60,000 in revenue reported this past year with zero employees, this small business clearly has something big figured out.

Founded by Kyle Smith (a tall sports guy with an appetite for technology and learning coupled with a passion for growth and an obsession in being the best boyfriend possible) in 2017, Leverage Capital invests in American residential real estate by raising money from passive investors across America, focusing on improving the condition of those investments to provide a safe, affordable, and clean abode to those renting from the firm – while also delivering “execution excellence in customer service to its’ residents.” Since inception, Leverage Capital, has delivered above-average returns based mainly on monthly cash flow to investors, all the while providing the small team a company culture to write home about.

Marketing & Sales Career

Marketing Executive is your chosen profession which funds Leverage Capital. You hustled many hours, many nights, worked for free, and kept your vision strong in actualizing a marketing and sales career in the tech industry. Now has been your opportunistic time in capitalizing on previous years work along with a loft, ideal life vision (LQ). This day job serves many purposes in a successful life – gainful employment, commission pay structure, surrounded by type-a winners – all joyous virtues in a meaning career so as not to regret life’s work on one’s death bed.

My executive career showers my professional self with high frequency commissioned sales from high high net worth clients. $150K monthly run rate will be a common deliverance from my professional career. Referrals will flood my team’s book, blessing me with enhanced company equity and traveling opportunities.

Along my career journey, I’ll continue learning and growing each day, getting at least 1% better each time I step foot in the office. Quite quickly, that 1% starts to compound. I will have written, anonymously, THE book/blog on how to succeed in a marketing/sales career while building a real estate investment firm.

My foresight, creativity, and ability to connect-the-dots from the raw experiences from my marketing executive career into valuable fooder my readers enjoy consuming, client’s enjoy paying for, friends/family continue to support and promote. My professional self successfully expands his media empire into platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Powder Day: The Key to Growth?

According to Kyle Smith, CEO, “the fast growth and remarkable success of Leverage Capital and a marketing executive careers includes a disciplined focus on growth, writing, fitness/sports, pursuing stretch goals, and leading an incredible team. 

This mindset ensures a depth of knowledge and expertise in gained inside marketing, sales, management, technology, and real estate leading to bigger and fatter paychecks.  This effect incidentally leads to high levels of effectiveness in accomplishing important career key tasks actualizing your innate desire to live “an intentionally epic life.”

*circa 9/14/2019 – 3 Years From Now – This Is What My Real Estate Investment Business and Marketing/Sales Career Looks Like

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