Passive Income

Takes time to build but worth it!

Passive income will be a topic my future self will be extremely happy my younger self spent the time to work on building. The benefits of passive income are amazing, and include:

> earning money while you sleep

> earning money by not working

> more free time #timewealth

> financial freedom

These qualities sound so so sweet it’s almost too good to be true. What I don’t see is the WORK required to earn and keep passive income trickling in.

Work in the office. Work outside the office. Sacrificing indulgences to save more money to later invest that money. In the early years of a career it’s going to be hard saving money because young professionals rarely make good money in their twenties. I was able to increase my earnings 200% by 28 by getting into the right career and working for the right company. Others may not be willing to take the risks I took early in my twenties or willing to put in the work I put in to be seen as an industry expert and top executive. 

The fruits of my labor are 100% worth it. I hold the same belief when it comes to passive income. It’s going to take a ton of work, and it’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be worth it.

Nothing easy is ever worth being proud of. Don’t ask for a lighter load but a stronger back.

Examples of passive income assets include blogs, real estate, podcasts, products, ecommerce, affiliate links, and youtube views. I believe a technology professional should work on building brands amongst theses aforementioned ideas during non-office hours. After a certain force of momentum is initiated from this work, passive income will start generating from work previously executed.

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