Investing – Money and Real Estate

My understanding of investing is this: you need to spread your money around lots of different asset classes in order to achieve true wealth. Some people will get lucky investing all their money into Facebook, Bitcoin, a blockchain technology company, or retirement home developer. But most people cannot pick individual stocks. Thus the solution should […]

Digital Marketers Trifecta

Ladies and gentleman I want to introduce you to the big three. The mumbo-jumbos. The top cheese. AdWords Analytics Search Console Interwoven amongst these beautiful Google products lays the foundations and tools for the modern day digital marketer. Through these tools you will have the power to divert traffic to any conceivable destination, interpret the traffics data story to […]

Domains & SEO

When you finally purchase a domain, you’re essentially buying a property on the web. The web = information super heighway of traffic, engagement, money, attention. So if and when a website URL is ever changed, for any reason, there will be repercussions. Just like moving the location of a longstanding retail store, a URL change […]

Where People’s Attention Is.

The new CNN, ABC, and Fox News in the 21st century if Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, Twitter. These platforms are where consumer attention is with the advent and massive production and usage of smartphone, computers, and the Internet. RankUp recognizes this and understands smart business people should be leveraging, learning everything they can […]