Good rapport keeps clients long term.

Rapport with client’s is built upfront for 90% of effective marketers. The beginning stages of a business relationship are some of the most important stages as the other side is carefully paying attention to your every move and communication. Items such as kick off calls, hand offs to other internal teammates, expectation setting, results, consistency, responsiveness, quality communication – all of these values are important ideas to pay attention to in the begging stages of a new client relationship.

Herein the majority of rapport is built. That hard work of bonding with other people in professional and personal ways. If you can become really good at bonding with other people right off the bat and maintain that level of feel good energy between you and your client, client retention will drastically improve. The account could be performing very poorly, however if you have good rapport with the client your professional self has just earned several more months of investment in your services. The client cares and trusts your professional ability, fully willing to give your business some time to prove themselves. Such a mind set derives after effective rapport strategies are executed across a book of business. 

Assuming all the above qualities are present in your relationships with clients, one time sales and upgrades will come more frequently. If a client trusts you and knows the positive results their business is experiencing are coming from you, they will invest more money with you. You and your company will make more money. What a wonderful reward!

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