Where People’s Attention Is.

The new CNN, ABC, and Fox News in the 21st century if Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, Twitter. These platforms are where consumer attention is with the advent and massive production and usage of smartphone, computers, and the Internet. RankUp recognizes this and understands smart business people should be leveraging, learning everything they can […]

3 Units Under Ownership 1 Year Reflection

Over the course of 2018 in Colorado’s northern real estate market, I’ve learned a lot about the local market’s behavior, growth trends, tenant quality, and lifestyle. Plus I’ve made over $15,000 in equity notwithstanding any additional appreciation I’ve received on the property. Appreciate is the cherry onto in relation to my real estate investing strategy. […]

Juggling Balls At The Agency

Digital Marketing Agency Experience Log Juggling balls is the life of a successful entrepreneur and executive. Managing people, relationships, clients, emotions, campaigns, expectations – load up the responsibilities baby! Splitting accounts with your seniors is an exciting time to learn how they develop rapport with accounts. How they run their own book, what frequency an […]