How to build a book of clients working at an agency

How to win the agency game!

A professional needs to build up his pipeline of opportunity by networking with salesmen of all varieties and characters. Simultaneously ensure the people you do business with have high integrity and are long term thinkers.

As you ‘date’ salespeople you’ll better understand how effectively the two of you may work together (how much money the both of you can make) along with understanding more about how you like to do business and how you don’t like to do business.

As your career advances, a gut check moment will happen often as your salesmen network will wax and wane. Several salesman in your network will leave or be fired. Rest assure a true salesman is a hard job and it’s not for every type of person on this good earth. Thus, always be networking with salesmen building your own pipeline of good accounts to take one.

Really good salesmen will put up nice big sales numbers. That’s pretty simple to understand. The salesmen who consistently put up big numbers are the individuals to build strong relationships with.

To build a relationship it takes time and consistency, just like everything worthwhile in life. This step in your pipeline strategy is critical and shouldn’t be ignored. For if you spend time building relationships with low quality people you will waste time, money, and energy. You’re not getting those important things back!

As you develop increased social skills, business acumen, and experiences the mind will quickly decide if pursuing a professional relationship will be worth it or not. If it’s not worth it, then everyone is better off going their separate ways.

As a corollary example in building relationships well, here’s a common sense truth: A person would never marry another human after the first date. The whole dating process takes time, months and years, before the couple knows if they want to truly spend the rest of their lives together. Similarly, when building a stable pipeline of great salesmen, working together over many months and years is the glue that keeps the relationship together helping to ensure everyone keeps making more and more money.

How does one do this?

Building quality relationships with salesmen I’ve discovered comes down to a few important points. Nail these concepts and you’ll be in great shape.

One – you have to actually like each other.
Two – each person is talented in complimentary ways (sales and marketing are two very different things in business). Just as rapport and persuasion on different skill sets.
Three – you work well on phone calls and/or in-person sales meeting together.
Four – you each trust one other.

That’s it! The simple Four Point Checklist to cover when forming successful relationships with salesmen!
…sure, other people may have different ideas than mine, but this thinking framework has worked extremely well for me. In two short years, I went from a 0K MRR to 100K+ MRR across my book of clients.
…I also receive chats every other day requesting if I’d like to take on new accounts (high frequency).

Mental Equity
Recently I started turning down new accounts! Literally saying no to more money.

More money does mean more problems (different problems to solve). Experienced agency people when analyzing new accounts to potentially take on, can perceive several red flags during sales calls that non-experienced agency people would not see.

That’s how you scale and make more money with a book of clients at an agency!

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