Opinion On Stocks, Real Estate, and Business Assets

Here’s the thing with stocks, the millionaire next door strategy worked in the 70’s – 2000 because the market only went up. Since 2000 we’ve seen 3 crashes and massive quantitative easing. I believe the US government wants citizens to put money into their 401K’s so the workers have to work until they are in […]


Effective online startup guys are doing a couple of things very well when it comes to ecommerce business. 1- Quality product research in choosing their products to sell and market for.Top platforms to leverage in gleaming the world’s top trending selling products include AllieExpress, Facebook, Google Search Trends, Amazon.Pick a product category you have an interest or passion […]

Real Net Worth

#wealth The book Set For Life truly adjusted my mindset concerning true wealth. Retirement accounts are not true wealth. Why? I cannot access that money right now without incurring a monetary penalty. True assets are brokerage positions, cash, real estate, and businesses. True assets should be acquired steadily the ambitious aspiring early retiree, which is […]

Give 85% Frugalness To Financial Freedom

#personaldevelopment The best way to achieve financial freedom is to earn as much money as possible from a merit based career, live extremely frugally, and invest all your saved money in accounts not in your 401K or home equity. Stretching this habit over ten years will yield good results.  Again, when your goal is financial […]

Wealth Creation Principles

#wealthcreation Wealth creation:> Career – must be merit, performance based.> Real Estate – good location, good infrastructure, cash flow.> Stocks/bonds – index funds.> Online Business – subscription based, scaleable through technology. Implied – 80% savings rate (I do 90%, but you get the point. Without saved capital you are fucked. You might as well just […]