A Well Oiled Machine

Build a money making machine.

As I’ve grown my book from 0K monthly run rate to 120K monthly run rate, an interesting phenomenon is happening – I’m working less.


Simply put my processes are much improved. I know what to do with clients I’ve been working with for 1 month, 6 months, 2 years. Each account is going to have different needs and goals so it’s taken me many months of painstaking learning and effort to integrate the best processes for my clients to ensure their needs and goals are met to the best of my ability.

The lesson here is success is not an overnight thing – good things take time to grow whether it’s a business or a relationship.

Building your book of clients inside a well oiled machine of business processes allows you to scale, grow your bank accounts, and have less stress. What wonderful qualities for any professional service person!

Even better, you have more time to grow your existing book of clients. Expect some clients to come and go. So is the nature of business. However, as you learn and grow in a career you’ll start to manifest the golden jewel in business success – road base clients.

These road base clients are happy with your service and are not shopping around for different services.

Synchronizing your well oiled machine of business processes across your book of accounts grants you the opportunity to work with more sales people on prospects which leads to closing more new accounts further scaling your book of business. #winning

Specific Skill: Account Management
Inbound emails can be the bane of your existence as a full stack marketer which is why setting up proper email filters (archive immediately) and educating clients on proper response expectations are critical. For example, a client cannot expect to see drastic results after two months of SEO service. They should see a nice uptick in 6 months but thinking so short term with SEO will destroy hard earned rapport built on phone calls. That’s painful since phone calls on average on a big waste of time but a necessary evil if you want to be successful with a book of clients.

My bosses always told me ‘your phone is a cash register.’ It took me a while to comprehend what that truly meant and I’ve concluded phone calls are how you build trust and rapport with clients. Once you have trust, rapport, and performing campaigns clients will give you more money in the form of one times and account upgrades. Hello more money!

If you lack trust, rapport, or performance your clients will leave you for another company. “If they aren’t talking to you they are talking to someone else.” So pick up that phone and have a conversation!

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