Passive Income Reflection

Each morning I write about whatever my mind seems enjoy thinking about. Recently, my mind has been thinking more about passive income generation from various asset classes. Here’s those thoughts… With a $99,000 nest egg, contributing $2,500 per month for the next 28.5 years (when I can withdrawal from tax advantaged accounts) my portfolio should […]

Discover The FIRE Community – Forever Change Your Thinking

Discovering the FIRE community changed my entire perspective on work and life. As we’re all aware, growing up we’re taught to work until 65 and then live off this elusive retirement portfolio. We’re never taught how much to live off each year from the portfolio (4% rule). We’re never taught how compounding works, or that […]


I think a major problem with modern society as whole is we believe if our mind is not thinking some thought we are not really alive. This belief causes many ails like anxiety (thinking about the future) or bitterness and regret (thinking about the past). It is very challenging, to the untrained mind, to literally […]