Real Net Worth

#wealth The book Set For Life truly adjusted my mindset concerning true wealth. Retirement accounts are not true wealth. Why? I cannot access that money right now without incurring a monetary penalty. True assets are brokerage positions, cash, real estate, and businesses. True assets should be acquired steadily the ambitious aspiring early retiree, which is […]

Give 85% Frugalness To Financial Freedom

#personaldevelopment The best way to achieve financial freedom is to earn as much money as possible from a merit based career, live extremely frugally, and invest all your saved money in accounts not in your 401K or home equity. Stretching this habit over ten years will yield good results.  Again, when your goal is financial […]

Wealth Creation Principles

#wealthcreation Wealth creation:> Career – must be merit, performance based.> Real Estate – good location, good infrastructure, cash flow.> Stocks/bonds – index funds.> Online Business – subscription based, scaleable through technology. Implied – 80% savings rate (I do 90%, but you get the point. Without saved capital you are fucked. You might as well just […]

FIRE Community Prediction

I’ve been formulating a theory of future events that may cataclysmically hurt early retiree’s who invested the majority of their wealth in financial assets. The theory goes like this: the Fed will initiate rounds of quantitative easing in attempts to either A) stimulate the economy and/or B) manipulate the economy. This will cause inflation to […]

Different Types Of Real Estate I’m Investing In

Full confession – after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad my entire mindset on business and life changed. I understood passive income as the crowing jewel in a professional investors life, and I needed to have it.  I gained experience in the real estate industry by working as a project manager for a local private real estate investor. […]