Words are fun! So let’s learn more words… tumultuous = adj; making a loud, confusing, noise, uproarious perverse = adj: (of a person or their actions). – showing a deliberate, and obstinate desire to behave in a way that is unreasonable, or unacceptable, often in spite of consequences – contrary to the accepted or expected standard […]

Bite Sized Wisdom

These entries are micro bursts of information and knowledge we should learn to love and embrace. Let’s begin: Schedule weekly 80/20 analysis on life. Ensure it’s emotionally focused. Who contributes to your happiness, joy, excitement, enthusiasm. Who sucks your emotions and makes you nervous? Have group dinners; great way to let off steam, helps you […]

Marketing & Branding

I’ve read for an investment to be a real one, it has to hurt when you make it, because that means, it mattered. Creative entrepreneurs operate on an energetic principle. When it comes to marketing the brand, you need to step outside of your current organizations brand for a fresh perspective. You need to look […]


“Think of the blessing that await you, not of the emptiness that drives you to seek constant distraction. Think of having peace of mind and a reliable memory, of the self-control that a well-ordained life will bring, of health not underminded by endless concessions tot he passing excess which other people’s society entails, of uninterrupted […]

Millennials Should Be Building An Asset Infrastructure

Young people need to be using their time and money in ways that effectively set’s up their own pension funds. You need to be buying up and building up assets in real estate and business. We can’t depend on Social Security payments when we turn 65 because of several factors, namely: When SS was created, […]