Get Better Not Bitter

#selfdevelopment Look, like is unfair, sometimes really unfair. In my experience, it’s very easy to become a bitter person when a colleague, for example, has benefited in their career when that progress wasn’t earned from performance. That’s extremely frustrating to high performers who pride themselves on hitting goals, getting better, earning more income. Alas sometimes […]

Core Human Movements

#personaldevelopment The following are the most basic, simple movements the human body does. The smart athlete will train, with weights, in these movement fields. In order of importance: Weighted CarrySquatHingePullPush Through my experience most lifters and athletes believe the reverse order is more important. That’s why you always see people benching, asking what their bench […]

FIRE Community Prediction

I’ve been formulating a theory of future events that may cataclysmically hurt early retiree’s who invested the majority of their wealth in financial assets. The theory goes like this: the Fed will initiate rounds of quantitative easing in attempts to either A) stimulate the economy and/or B) manipulate the economy. This will cause inflation to […]

Different Types Of Real Estate I’m Investing In

Full confession – after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad my entire mindset on business and life changed. I understood passive income as the crowing jewel in a professional investors life, and I needed to have it.  I gained experience in the real estate industry by working as a project manager for a local private real estate investor. […]


Rapport with client’s is built upfront for 90% of effective marketers. The beginning stages of a business relationship are some of the most important stages as the other side is carefully paying attention to your every move and communication. Items such as kick off calls, hand offs to other internal teammates, expectation setting, results, consistency, responsiveness, quality […]

How To Be An Elite Full Stack Digital Marketer

You want to know something? Technology, specifically computation and data, is taking over the entire world. Most developed countries are already connected to the Internet, while 3rd world countries are catching up quickly, leapfrogging the industrial revolution and dropping themselves into the 4th revolution – information technology. As of this writing, over half of the […]