Referrals Are God Send


Referrals = equity..everyone loves equity

Referral accounts are how effective marketing professionals, or any professional for that matter, grows their book of business. These magic clients were literally recommended to you by an existing client – they already trust you which is a hard step to overcome in business.

Strategic, well orchestrated on boarding is another way for client’s to trust you almost immediately. From their perspective, your company seems to have it all together. “These people know what the hell they are doing” thinking. You want more of that!

Gaining referrals is another sign you are good at what you do. That not only feels good, but looks really good in the eyes of your peers, management, and existing clients.

To grow a business entirely from referrals is a godsend. From my experience, it comes after two years of dedicated work on your craft to begin earning the fruits of referral accounts. And only if you work your face off and constantly set up environments to improve your knowledge base.

Without this growth mindset you’ll never reach it, or it will take 30 mores years from happenstance experiences that causes your brain, whether you want to or not, to grow and develop.

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