Wealth Research

When people recommend an investor buys physical gold or silver, they are betting on the following to happen.. A financial market crash from a sector bubble bursting resulting in a dramatic drop in the value of your fiat portfolio. The knuckle heads will go to their brokers and/or withdrawal their investments from their brokerage accounts […]

Millennials Should Be Building An Asset Infrastructure

Young people need to be using their time and money in ways that effectively set’s up their own pension funds. You need to be buying up and building up assets in real estate and business. We can’t depend on Social Security payments when we turn 65 because of several factors, namely: When SS was created, […]

Economics and Investing

Real estate – if you’re going into real estate, you need to have cash reserversĀ because when the market goes soft, it’s going to cost money finding tenants and filling those vacancies. We don’t like vacancies! I hate them and if they come up, it’s a priority in every sense of the word. With investments, when […]