Core Life Skills

Here’s a good question to ponder often – What’s the best ratio between responsibility and reward?
On negotiation:
One must negotiate with yourself, and not tyrannize yourself. Just as one should negotiate with those people in which you plan to spend years with i.e. life partner and your own soul. You must learn how to effectively negotiate to move the business deal needle in your favor while still ensuring the other side wins all-the-same.
You aren’t your own slave, you have to negotiate with yourself.
On planning:
Plan a life you want to have – have a conversation with yourself as if you didn’t know who you were. Then, proceed to lay out a plan of the sort of life you would love living, or at least very much enjoy living. Not a life shackled to the chains of working to pay off liabilities.
Time Waste:
An economic study concluded people waste 6 hours a day on average. The same study concluded the averages person’s worth is $50 per hour.
You should assume your time is worthwhile. Value your time quite highly. You’ll make more money, have more fun, all the while being more productive.
Macro Economics:
We’re lifting people out of poverty, on a macro scale, at a rate faster than anything history has seen before.

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