Investing – Money and Real Estate

My understanding of investing is this: you need to spread your money around lots of different asset classes in order to achieve true wealth. Some people will get lucky investing all their money into Facebook, Bitcoin, a blockchain technology company, or retirement home developer. But most people cannot pick individual stocks. Thus the solution should […]

Over the long term, over decades of time, if you build a diversified US and international market portfolio of index funds in the equity class, chances are you will be more than fine when you officially retire. I am not a financial advisor. Time in the market is certainly more important than timing the market. […]

3 Units Under Ownership 1 Year Reflection

Over the course of 2018 in Colorado’s northern real estate market, I’ve learned a lot about the local market’s behavior, growth trends, tenant quality, and lifestyle. Plus I’ve made over $15,000 in equity notwithstanding any additional appreciation I’ve received on the property. Appreciate is the cherry onto in relation to my real estate investing strategy. […]