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I’ve read for an investment to be a real one, it has to hurt when you make it, because that means, it mattered.

Creative entrepreneurs operate on an energetic principle.

When it comes to marketing the brand, you need to step outside of your current organizations brand for a fresh perspective. You need to look at the brand as a platform. The brand must be captivating, professional, andĀ tells a story.

A marketer must tell a story related to the brand if the business wants to see it’s brand grow and make more money. We must be telling stories related to the brand wherein the brand is well explained and well demonstrated. Think about designing the brand rather than putting the idea in cast iron and never touching it again.

When you’re marketing the brand, effectively do this through eliciting intense emotion to cut through this “busyness” and “all business” society. This is an effective way for prospects to pay attention to your offer.

Position your messaging in this light – what is the end results the prospect will get? This is what you should be selling because the end result is ultimately what matters. Focus on the products or servicesĀ benefits rather then it’s features.

At the point of market entry, when a prospect goes from “not interested” to “interested” is the optimal spot to place a value offering.

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