Investing – Money and Real Estate

My understanding of investing is this: you need to spread your money around lots of different asset classes in order to achieve true wealth. Some people will get lucky investing all their money into Facebook, Bitcoin, a blockchain technology company, or retirement home developer. But most people cannot pick individual stocks. Thus the solution should […]

Good Investing Questions To Answer Oneself

Good questions to ask: How do I make money in a society ruled by a┬ámonetary system? What is the Federal Reserve doing with their balance sheets? Which countries are deploying long term thinking in the digital space? Which parts of the world are preparing for a digital revolution via the internet of things? Do rational […]

Thoughts On Fixed Income & The Fed

According to Google: “Fixed income securities provide periodic income payments at an interest or dividend rate known in advance by the holder. The most common fixed-income securities include Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs) and preferred stock. Fixed Income Security Definition & Example | InvestingAnswers…/fixed-income-security-1809” So why is my fixed income positions […]