How is the game of life rigged?

If you’re good looking, many things come easier. People are more open to hearing your ideas and you can gain the trust of other people rather quickly. See, they like looking at you so they are more likely to agree and listen to whatever the hell you’re saying, regardless of the crap or gold your spitting. The other person simply enjoys looking at another symmetrical face. Born well-off:
Being born into wealth gets you a head start. You can still become wealthy coming from nothing, it just takes longer and more hard work. The downside from my experience to most well-to-do rich kids is a lack of drive to build and grow in life. From their privileged proxy in life, rarely will the very core of their soul be tested. Those tough times make great peole.Emotional Intelligence:
EQ and social skills can build an entire empire and career. Playing the office political game is a smart game to learn and master how to play. Having a dependable career to bankroll your side ventures is critical.Have fun, gain experience and skills in the direction of your dreams. Keep at your dreams day by day ensuring the quality of consistency will bear fruit in the future. on the career track. 

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