What is happiness? It’s having inner peace. That implies you did the inner work. Not chasing fame or fortune but rather, internally, you are at peace with yourself. You look back in the mirror and say ‘rock on man, you make your own choices and you follow your own journey.’ That’s power and fulfillment. So […]


Here’s what a good capitalist does: use capital (their own or a fund) to buy appreciating, cash flowing assets. The capitalist fixes up the newly acquired asset, improving it’s value and cash flow, then continues operating the asset in a way that increases it’s monthly yield. This increase in yield allows the capitalist to pay […]

Society – Kids – Software – Information Age

Here’s the thing with children, they cost a ton of money. Government aid continues to decrease, and the bill continues to be pushed onto parents. Couple that with feminism crushing males benefits in getting married and you have a strong case to never get married or have kids in the modern world. That is, unless, […]