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Here’s the thing with children, they cost a ton of money. Government aid continues to decrease, and the bill continues to be pushed onto parents. Couple that with feminism crushing males benefits in getting married and you have a strong case to never get married or have kids in the modern world. That is, unless, you want to constantly stress about your finances, work long hours, and live an otherwise dismal existence. So, where should I sign?

I’ll only take on the responsibility of raising kids when my rental business is spitting out enough cash flow to call myself financially independent. Not before them. There’s zero economic reason to have children today. Absolutely zero.

So many people start a family because that’s what you should do, right? That’s everything we’ve been taught growing up. Go to school, find the best job you can, get married, have kids, and work until your 60’s investing in a 401K.

Look, this plan does not work for most people. The proof is showcased in countless academic research papers. People don’t have much money or wealth, are unhappy, miserable at their jobs, and just exist.

The phenomenon will only worsen. Technology will replace millions of jobs. Tech will also create millions of jobs, but I find it very unlikely people who were displaced will reskill into 21st century jobs. They will complain, seek help from the government, and blame their situation on rich people. This is how its been and always will be.

The modern world is doing it’s best to forcibly raise the consciousness of it’s people. No progress will occur for ordinary people in the information age if they continue to think from the perspective of an industrial age mindset.

Look around – this is the information age. The age of individual sovereignty. The time to take back your power and freedom from the system.

What does this imply? Self education in personal finance and personal development is a must in the information age. Nobody is going to show you the one proven path. If they did, it would cost you a lot of money to join their course!

The fact is there is no one proven path – there are many paths that will work. Each human is unique and my path may not work for another person. This is why a person needs to figure out WHAT THEY WANT in life and pursue that path independently of society. For if you believe society will help you succeed, you will be disappointed. Society is too nebulous a concept and too broad to help everyone. Society is just trying to keep the poor and impoverished from dying. Do you really want to be in a position to receive aid from society?

I think people need to understand the world is changing at an accelerating rate and the rules of the 20th century are not going to work in the 21st century. Just look at the data: wages have not increased since the 70’s yet productivity of each worker has skyrocketed. Owners of assets get richer and richer while employees continue to get a smaller slice of the wealth pie.

What’s the solution to win in the 21st century? For starters, it’s having a proper education over personal finance and continuing to self develop. If you stagnant after college, never picking up a book again, you will struggle to succeed economically. Today’s world does not reward loyal employees who stay at a firm for 30 years. Most likely, that firm won’t even be around that long.

We have to re-think and re-examine how to properly conduct ourselves in an age where most people have access to the internet while software swallows up the world.

The new economy is invisible. It’s running through wireless technology bouncing off satellites that orbit the globe and returns to your computer located in your pocket, office, or backpack. Herein lies all the economic opportunity. This was never taught in public schools. This isn’t taught by parents since most parents are boomers who fundamentally do not understand how computers, software, and the internet is changing the entire human landscape.

Thankfully YOU understand this – that’s why you’re reading this blog. That’s why you’re curious and inherently understand for a person to be economically successful in the information age, your going to have to change the way your think and behave over the long term. Believe me, you will be thankful you did. Your life style quotient (LQ) will grow and grow and grow. Old friends will wonder, how the hell do they do it? What gives them such a super power?

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