BiggerPockets #409 Notes

“Bluefishing” – a mindset, a mentality, to do something different.

Agitated oysters make pearls.

As a business owner, control your front door. If you control who comes in, you relieve yourself of 99% of problems.

People don’t get violate when they’re smiling.

9/10 times when a person tells you it can’t be done, they just want to see you make the same decision them made to VALIDATE their own choices. They don’t want to see you win.

9/10 the problem is you. The client doesn’t know what they don’t know, that’s your job to figure out. Don’t give the client what they ask for, pull out your Sherlock Homes and find out what the client needs.

Rich people:
> They’ll also laugh at you before they applaud.
> Most people look at the problem and think why it’s there instead of just solving the problem that exists. People look to pay their way out of a problem.

“Why” is the most attacking word but get’s to the core. You need to get to the core in order to provide the solution. Give the client was they need, desire, and lust for.

Today we chase other people’s goals and dreams. The social world is perpetuating this cancer. The social world is there to show you how inadequate you are. I haven’t made it “till then” because “till then” never occurs. Successful people don’t give a shit about these things. The social world isn’t real, it’s cancer, and you shouldn’t consume it.

Aspirational marketing – the higher the price, the most aspirational world you are buying from. If you spend xyz on this, you’ll BECOME this. It’s falsifying reality.

You cannot get to someone else’s goal post, but you can get to yours. You can only achieve your goal if you KNOW what your goal is and what it looks like. You can never reach someone other’s goal post.

You must create and design. AI will eliminate transaction businesses.

To create solid relationships, always ask: ‘what can I bring?’ What can I bring to the table. Always ask this question when forming and growing relationships.

You look after yourself BY looking after someone else.

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