Over the long term, over decades of time, if you build a diversified US and international market portfolio of index funds in the equity class, chances are you will be more than fine when you officially retire.
I am not a financial advisor.
Time in the market is certainly more important than timing the market.
You cannot time the market. Period. I’ve studied wealth manager whose clients are big ticket clients worth many millions and billions of dollars and these same wealth managers say the same thing – “I’ve never seen anyone be able to time the market.”
Stop wasting your time following a rich Instagram guy explaining you can do this just buy my course and I’ll teach you.
Rather, I recommend you spend your time studying true resources like The Intelligent Investor, value investing, long term investing, cash flow, appreciation, tax savings.
Personally, my investment strategy in the fiat market is to buy index funds across asset classes.
The world changes so quickly now, and that rate of change is increasing. Companies rise and fall much quickly in today’s internet based economy. The lesson here is picking individual stocks, on the average, isn’t going to work in your favor.
Sear’s was an extremely successful business, that’s dead now. Blockbuster, Enron; bye bye too.
To mitigate this new heighten risk, diversify investments across the best companies in any industry by purchasing index funds.
This is a foundational wealth building tool for me – it’s the basics. My all seasons portfolio. Over the coming decades, this nest egg will grow and grow and grow.
Never forget to sensibly enjoy your money. We’re all dead tomorrow eventually right?
Once your investment game is running on autopilot, continue working hard on building a great career along with your own businesses in different asset classes. From the proceeds of these asset earnings, seek to invest in alternative asset classes such as private equity and private real estate.
The really smart investor is excited for the looming public equity market correction. Whenever this happens ensure you’re maxing out your 401K & Roth alongside buying more indexes in your after-tax brokerage account. Focus less on saving money for more real estate – use your existing real estate equity to fund this business’ growth – and instead put your income (after paying your checking account first) into public equities.
Buy public equities in the US, International, and Emerging markets. Steer clear of bonds since the market opportunity is more geared toward equities long term.

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