Discover The FIRE Community – Forever Change Your Thinking

Discovering the FIRE community changed my entire perspective on work and life.

As we’re all aware, growing up we’re taught to work until 65 and then live off this elusive retirement portfolio. We’re never taught how much to live off each year from the portfolio (4% rule). We’re never taught how compounding works, or that a primary residence is not a true asset.

We’re intentionally not taught these critical personal finance topics because the global elite doesn’t want us to know these things. The global elites want to remain in control of every economic vehicle to grow their own wealth and that most certainly includes the most important asset to a business – human labor.

When people wise up and develop a strong personal finance understanding and skill set, that’s bad for the people who designed society’s modern system. These ‘against the grain’ FIRE people are self-empowering themselves to take control of their economic environment while living a life on their own terms. Not the terms of an employer.

I’ve invested thousands of hours in study, reflection, writing, and action in the personal finance and investing space. I feel in complete control of my personal finances and investment portfolio.

I understand how true wealth is created – news flash it takes a long time! Sure you read about massive money windfalls when a person sells their business, but it took a long time to build that business to earn that large sum of money on the exit.

Building wealth is a slow, steady journey up and to the right on your balance sheet!

Such thinking implies the discipline to do the right things on your wealth journey. Any investment is a sacrifice right now in the hopes of a better future. It’s not easy to do but it’s the right thing to do.

I’m forever grateful stumbling across the FIRE community. It’s a community that wants the best life for each individual member. No path is going to look exactly the same but there are principles and clues each person’s story has that we all can learn from.

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