Thoughts On Fixed Income & The Fed

According to Google:
“Fixed income securities provide periodic income payments at an interest or dividend rate known in advance by the holder. The most common fixed-income securities include Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs) and preferred stock.
Fixed Income Security Definition & Example | InvestingAnswers…/fixed-income-security-1809”

So why is my fixed income positions sitting at a remarkably low, unsavory level? Because I’m young and I have time.
I also think the equities market (S&P500) is highly inflated from the three rounds of Quantitative Easing the Federal Reserve elected to do.

Currently the Federal Funds Rate is 1.75% – source.

The cost to borrow money is cheap, scary cheap. This was a reason I bought a duplex in Northern Colorado in my mid-20’s.

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Prediction people

The capacity to effectively leverage what’s known as risk capital is much greater right now because I’m young. I can fail and still recover. This is why I believe young people should be hustling hard. Also, everything you’ll ever read about investing recommends starting as early as possible so A) you can learn and B) your money has more time to grow.

There’s more than one principled reason why humans love youth so much.

Aside from the privilege of being young in age, the sooner you start doing any skill or activity, the faster you will become adequate at the thing, followed by skilled, then a master. Now you’re in the money. Get started and kept going. It’s that simple.

What do most do?
They never start or they never keep going. If you can manage to do both consistently you’ll win.

Pledge on your one true soul you will honor these two qualities of work
and career. In doing so, the gates of opportunity cannot help but open.

The wellspring of money, relationships, fine dining, and travel shall descend upon thee.

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