The Greatest Currency

The greatest currency in the world resides in your ability to positively affect people. Emotion moves people. Emotion sells. Every business owner loves the guy who can sell. If you drive revenue for the business you are a profit center and will be more valuable to the business’ model because you are closer to the money.

Good sales guys use emotion to get their important points across to their prospect. We want the prospect to remember certain, important points about why your product is the right fit. In those conversational moments, you need to leverage a tonality of voice and craft in your messaging to elicit a positive emotional response from your prospect. As you sell them, the aim so should be to build trust into the mutually beneficial relationship that is about to manifest long term.

Your ability to influence and elicit in other people the right types of emotions at the right time will be a major driver in your financial, economic, and career lives. The idea is a paramount resource integral with any successful business person’s journey. Scientists and lawyers can get by acting dry and bland, but at some point, either in a job interview, on a date, you’re going to have to sell yourself.

Selling is a necessary skill to master in this modern society of commerce and trade. Spend time thinking about selling in a linear (logical) and lateral (creative) way.

Most people are not creative. Studies show over 60% of people are not creative, and the people who are creative are EXTREMELY creative. Think David Bowie level. While the remaining creative people are creative, but fall farther down the distribution curve.

If you are creative you can sell more easily because you can think in a lateral way. You can come up with ideas other people can’t come up with. You see relationships across concepts and opportunities people cannot see. Once you creatively come up with a new idea, you introduce the idea to the prospect by selling it.  This skill becomes quite useful in marketing and software careers where novel ideas are rewarded rather than punished since both of these careers are creative by nature.

On the contrary, an office administrator job is not in a creative field. Office admins are the backbone of processes and standards to keep the office running!  Any deviation by the office administrator in their work, like pursuing a creative, innovative idea, may lead to chaos and disorder in the business, which should be avoided That’s why you hire an office admin to begin with!

Creative people tend to cause problems too because they do not slip into group think and rather seek out alternative ways to accomplish tasks. Often creative people can’t stay long in ridged jobs because this type of job doesn’t align with their nature. I was fired from my first job out of college at a Fortune 300 company because it just was not a good fit, plus I hated it so thank god!

Life is hard and messy outside the corporate box yet all the upside and fun is there.

The traditional educational system (kindergarten – college model) churn out uncreative people because for years and years students have to obey orders, falling in line, working obediently. There’s little time for out-of-box thinking which leads to good things like mental exploration and development.

If you want to get more currency in life try positively impacting people in creative ways.


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