Covering Co-Workers Asses

Nobody likes working for free. I’ve worked for free strictly to gain experience in technology early in my career because I knew this was the direction I wanted to go. I put in the work to get the experience. Dreamers make sacrifices by working for free several hours after a day job responsibilities were fulfilled. I believe true entrepreneurs understand why you sometimes work for free building your career and business. Importantly, you need to quickly reach a position where you’re not working for free.
At the agency several opportunities come up when a coworker is out of the office for travel or emergencies, and one of their client’s calls in loosing their mind. Most people think “shit fire I have to deal with this and I’m not even getting paid for this labor.”
Don’t think like that – instead – own the entire scenario delivering extreme customer service. Why? Your coworker, and your boss (everyone has a boss) will find out sooner or later what a good job you did. In that moment, you have won the game.
Let you work speak for itself.  Your career equity and income potential will go up went up. You’ll be viewed in a more trustworthy light, and that opens yourself up to higher level accounts and other opportunities to provide more value in the marketplace wherein you’ll have a fatter bank account.

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