Juggling Balls At The Agency

Digital Marketing Agency Experience Log

Juggling balls is the life of a successful entrepreneur and executive. Managing people, relationships, clients, emotions, campaigns, expectations – load up the responsibilities baby!

Splitting accounts with your seniors is an exciting time to learn how they develop rapport with accounts. How they run their own book, what frequency an account tags up with you on a monthly basis. How quickly they respond. Do they email or call.

Study all of this as you work with your seniors on split accounts. This is the agencies way of trying to improve overall equity numbers across executives. I’m for the idea as I’ll get to work with the best people in the company on a daily basis – in the trenches – with experienced, six figure earning professionals who lead a team of forty people.

I think if you can fill your life with more and more experiences like that, where in the experience is focused, intense, surrounded by the best of the best doing their thing, how can you not help but develop and grow into a better version of yourself?

As you develop, you’ll earn more money, own more assets, have more fun friends, improve your social circle, be introduced to new, lucrative business opportunities. What a beautiful cycle that just spins and spins.

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