Study Notes – Modern Economy

US is trillions of dollars in debt.
There has been a 98% decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar since the dollars inception.
The more the government prints money, the lower the purchasing power of the dollar will go.
Since banks keep printing money, it’s getting harder for lower and middle class people to have any desirable standard of living. This includes resources or assets like education, houses, food, entertainment #LQ.
Food stamps are going up and jobs going overseas. The middle class is shrinking. Millions are going back to school to find that ‘high paying job’. But with college tuition cost at increasingly astronomical rates, this isn’t a sound strategy in today’s economy.
People go to school and never learn anything about money, then leave college to make less money than they would be earning if they had just started working.
Boomers may become busters. Social Security, Medicare, other entitlement programs are trillions in debt. Who is going to pay for this? We can’t just print more money.
Whenever a country prints and prints money, the country collapses. This could happen to the US as a millionaire could become a pauper in 4 years because the dollar collapses from too much money printing and debt.
Lesson (this bloggers opinion) = The stock market isn’t where to put your money. Real estate and businesses/equity are. Period. This has taken me years of study to understand.
Education tactics never changed after 1971 when money became debt after the Brettan Woods Act was passed by Nixon.
Advice > Put your earned income in gold, silver, guns, bullets, real estate, and cash. Dollar cost average investing contributions into your 401K/Roth/Crypto/P2P each payday. You should be dollar-cost-averaging because you can’t beat the stock market and you cannot influence the stock market. Only when all boats rise do you make money in the stock market and historically speaking all boats do rise by 7.5% each year over the long term.

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