Always Be Networking!

How many hands did you shake today?

You’ve read this title a million times before. Why? Because it’s true. You should always always always work on building your Rolodex. The “7 Degrees Of Separation” principle basically means you are one new relationship away from landing a 15K per month client, or a free trip to Burning Man, or a wild, fun sex orgy party.

What is networking?

Basically, it’s building relationships. That’s it. Making friends and business contact with other people. Don’t overcomplicate the idea as the college system does extremely well convincing it’s patrons how hard and nebulous networking can be in a profession.

For example, I networked with a local bike shop owner, whom I bought a nice full suspension mountain bike from, which weeks later landed me a great investment opportunity in the real estate industry in Estes Park, CO.

Networking made it happen. By talking to the gentleman and his colleague about bikes, business, coffee, dogs; those life things we all seem to share, I created a new investment opportunity.

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