Spinning Plates

As a man I need to be spinning plates with women, dating all the beautiful ones with voluptuous curves who put out. Then if I want to consolidate one of these women into my frame as a wife, I will choose her.

When you have more dating options you have more power. When women perceive you to be high value and sought after by other women, they will compete to have you.

When an ultimatum moment comes with one of these “spinning plates girls” you have two options.
One: consolidate, loose frame, and choose her for monogamy.
Two: maintain frame covertly letting her know we are not exclusive.

Some men in this scenario will consolidate when a girl presses them. This means the man will be spending the rest of his time in that relationship out of frame. For a relationship to work between a man and woman, the women needs to fall into the man’s frame of life, not the other way around.

When a man falls into the woman’s frame the man looses all of his power. He’s no longer the prize in the woman’s eyes because the woman wasn’t chosen by the man. The women didn’t fall into the man’s frame wherein the main can be the leader of the relationship. 

If a man falls into the woman’s frame after being pressed by the woman, all sorts of issues will continuously bubble up for the remainder of the relationship. The man isn’t leading, which drives women crazy. She will start to resent her man for being a beta bitch.

Always remember that in the current western legal landscape and with the rise of feminism, marriage is 99% for woman. There are no benefits for me.
Dating Strategy:Since marriage drastically benefits woman the most and a woman’s peak sexual marketplace value is in her 20’s, a smart woman would use this time to consolidate on the best man she can find. This natural process is called hypergamy.

Unfortunately the large majority of western woman are not doing this. Many woman are using their 20’s as the party years having sex with alpha men whom may be a good fuck but are terrible providers. Then when this same woman hit’s “the wall” around age 30, her looks fall off a cliff and these alpha men are no longer interested in her. They are interested in the next flock of hot 20-something girls in their peak SMV.

That leaves woman who have not consolidated in their 20’s, whom are now dating in their 30’s, asking “where are all the good men?” Well, they were talking to you in your 20’s and you ignored them. Now the good men are not talking to you and are opting for the hot 20-somethings.

This karma is oddly satisfying for men as we age.

Men have the luxury of enjoying a continuously appreciating SMV in life into their late 30’s while woman’s SMV peaks at age 25.

This SVM truth showcases why men typically date younger then their age and woman typically marry an older man.

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