Sad Call

I just took a call from a man who worked 40 years then became disabled with a condition that’s not curable. He can’t lift anything over 2 pounds. He sounded so cherry and happy, I didn’t want to stop talking to him. I felt so sorry for him – it’s not fair what happened to him. All he can do now is watch TV all day. That’s his entire life, watching TV. He can’t go out, socialize, play sports, travel – zilch.

This could happen to me. You work your whole life to end up sitting in a chair, watching TV, unable to move around. You have all this wealth invested for nothing.¬†Force to live a boring existence because it’s the best you can do.

Life can be so unfair at times. It’s so sad. This makes my heart weak. This man was so pleasant and friendly but he’s disabled and not useful to most of society.

I tried to sell him on taking up gaming. That keeps you engaged and is a fun activity.

I’ll be a gamer for life. The people that say video games ruin your mind are dumb. Just logically think about it. When you play a game you’re thinking. It’s active. It’s not like watching TV which is passive. Gaming stimulates the brain.¬†

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