Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a digital marketing tactic to drive more users to your website i.e. salesperson, or business if you built a software or information product. SEO is important, just as SEM and email marketing are important too. Yet SEO is a creative professional’s best friend because who doesn’t love free clicks?

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seo gets your free clicks…who doesn’t like free clicks?

Think of your SEO budget as an investment. You need to keep marketing (investing) over time, and gradually the organic keyword rankings will come, the outbound links with start coming in if the content is useful and/or entertaining to the marketplace. At this point, the beautiful compounding effect of quality traffic will help the site generate more cash flow, more leads, and more sales.

What are the main factors in SEO?

A) inbound links

B) optimized content and title tags

C) indexable site


F) mobile friendly

If you hit A,B,C,E, and F you will win the SEO game. But you must hit all letters CONSISTENTLY overtime. That’s the secret. It’s just liking investing money. Ton’s of massive upfront discipline and sacrifice, but it all pays off (at least stock brokers want you to believe it will pay off). Cheers!


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