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I’m often thinking about means to grow my real estate business without using my own money. I know how silly that sounds, but I’m not thinking about the actual RE assets, but rather my networking assets.

You see for a great RE guy to succeed you need to have lots of FUNNELS.

What are funnels?

Funnels for deals, loans, agents, contractors, suppliers – the business need leads baby!

You build these funnels directly from the quality of your NETWORK.

Now, how do you grow your network for free (less cost of transportation)? Go to meetups, DM people on social media for coffee dates. Essentially you need to be dating lots of smart people who will eventually work with you and the business.

Now at these meetups, your going to meet lots of successful people whom you need to get their contact information. You must. Initially ask them lots of questions. Be SO interested in them, so they like you and will actually give you their contact information.

A meetup isn’t much use if you never get their email or phone number. The opportunity was lost and you’ll have to go create another opportunity which is a lack of intelligent resource usage (energy and time).

Then follow up with these people and see where the relationship goes. The good people will still be around in 5 years and you’ll learn from the not so good people. Win win (the essence of business and life).

Always be networking.

It’s no wonder why salesmanship is so powerful in life. Not only does it ensure your business will grow, but it will prevent you from being single forever as well 🙂

As each RE funnel continues to drive more opportunity for the business, the mind starts to think more creatively. You’ll see opportunity in one funnel linking with another funnel in a certain hot market and might say to yourself “holy cow I can make money over here what am I waiting for!”

Then you go for it, mitigate the high risks, and manage the asset.

Simple and easy. That’s RE. Provided you know what you’re doing.

Get educated first (read, study video/podcasts, buy your first deal) then grow grow grow.

It’s the purpose of life after all – to grow and learn and become something more. To raise your consciousness every day.


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