Journey Update

I’m 6 months away till my next Nomadic adventure and real estate investment. The digital age has introduced a new way for humans to live which is known as digital nomads. You can own a high tech business and travel nomadically or own a real estate portfolio that you operate digitally. Both types of careers are certainly possible in this technology first age. COVID has only forced more and more business to go online meaning there are even more folks linked up to the web using computers and smartphones – thus more opportunity.

I haven’t deserved to have a place of my own yet. It’s going to be another 1.6 years at least before I even consider living on my own, alas, I won’t make that decision. The house hacking model is too lucrative and logical considering my age and lack of dependents. Yes living with other people I hardly know is not what most people would do, but this is an effective strategy to build wealth, gain landlord experience, and lock in low interest rate mortgages.

The people that don’t like having any debt whom subscribe to Dave Ramsey’s rules do not understand that in real estate your tenants are paying off your debt. An investor uses low interest debt to take on the ownership of income producing asset (horizontal income). In expensive markets like mine I cannot afford the opportunity cost of waiting until I have enough cash on hand to make a full cash offer. With that strategy, I might as well do what everyone else is doing and max out my 401K’s and hope the stock market rewards me when I’m 65 and no longer working. No thanks.

My life’s work trajectory centers around knowledge work and physical work. Both domains I enjoy and excel at. By investing for the rest of your life in horizontal income, this legacy can be passed down to your kids, and their kids, so on and so on.  

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