The Mission vs The Dream

The big mission: be a globetrotting real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and athlete. Husband and father would be nice, however, I see this idea as the dream rather than the mission.

I’d like to see a much larger net worth and larger rental portfolio before I consider raising my own family. The process of dating women and raising kids would drastically deplete my much needed income that is currently slatted for more rental real estate investing.

Even though I make good money, I’d need to make great money (300K+ per year) to entertain the idea of marriage and kids while I grow my rental portfolio.

I believe I’m taking an uncommon path as I don’t see people in my network following the wealth path. Most of my network is striving to find a partner, settle down, and work for the next 30 years in indentured servitude.

I just don’t see the joy in that plan. The idea of putting off my mission to raise a family doesn’t align with my lifestyle quotient values.

I’m not saying raising a family is a bad idea – in fact I think it’s a wonderful way to live a fulfilled life. I do pray and hope I’ll get to experience such a life in the future. However, right now, I’m focused on my mission.

I think focusing on personally chosen mission is a better way to live a life than deferring your mission to a dream. Forgoing true wealth building at the expense of raising a family doesn’t jive with me.

Clearly I’m balancing the idea of pursing my mission of building wealth through rental real estate against dating to hopefully marry and raise a family. As I ponder this balance, my age comes to mind. I’m pushing 30. I can easily start a family at 35, even 40. My dream’s constraint would be my wife’s age.

I do intend to marry a younger woman and would be happy to marry a 25 year old when I’m 35.

Life has it’s mysterious way as well so I may meet a woman in the future and shazam, the mission changes. Love is a powerful emotion.

Alas, I believe focusing on my mission is the best mindset right now. In 5 years, I expect my mindset to be very different and that’s quite healthy. That shows I’ve grown and improved as a man which is all anyone can ask of themselves.

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