THE Industry – Internet – BlockChain – Google

Here’s the new industry we know live in. There are no factory workers anymore. That means the industrial age is caput, information is know the worker. So how can one use information?

It starts with the web. Websites, servers, databases, hosting companies. This is the gateway empirical solutions. Its how a person interacts with data, funnels it toward digital businesses, builds a million person audience, and will eventually work faster than any human or single computer could ever think after the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence does not mean Terminator days. Skyline doesn’t exist except in Hollywood – and we already know how real that place is..

What artificial intelligence can do is to leverage itself to generate greater output. AI is machines working with machines. Code is interacting with other code via an API. It’s how Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon – the bigs made money. Therein lies the business model that a privileged person gets to access. Just a laptop and an Internet connection and the world is yours. Literally at your fingertips. 

To play with that world, to build things inside it, requires a certain language skill set. The language of PHP, HTML, CSS, Ruby and Rails, Python. This isn’t Mandarin, Japanese, English, or Czech. It’s a different langue, one that lets you program a computer, or build a website. It’s extremely useful in the information age and to aspiring Internet entrepreneurs.  

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