Financial Independence Journey

Half way through college, I had one of the most important experiences in life thus far: I took the red pill.

I woke up. Saw the world through fresh eyes. The veil of illusion was lifted from my everyday consciousness and I finally saw the modern world for what it really was, and I wanted nothing to do with it.

The red pill philosophy is a perspective that essentially boils down to this – modern jobs are the most up to date forms of slavery and most people can’t seem to understand this.

The way out of modern day slavery is through financial independence and doing what you want to do in a career, instead of being forced to work for a living.

Remember that sentence forever. Go ahead, read it again.

Early in my career I was working as a professional blogger at a small SEO studio which I loved. My co-workers were all in their 40’s and taught me a tremendous amount about software, computers, web hosting, servers, and digital marketing. This illustrates an important item to value in a career – find experienced, smart, older teachers (mentors) as early as possible to accelerate your professional development.

Financial independence, as I’ve come to see it, concludes as such – drawing from your assets and/or living off your assets cash flow. Both means support your ideal lifestyle and your families ideal lifestyle.

Doing what you want in a career means having fulfillment and enjoyment in doing your work for the simple sake of just doing more of your work. It’s not a job, it’s your calling. An enjoyable, sometimes stressful, undertaking wherein the marketplace rewards you monetarily.

The better you are in providing value to the marketplace, the more money you will earn, thereby opening up more investment opportunities, further accelerating your journey toward financial independence. Psychologist call this a positive feedback loop. And these feedback loops, through time and discipline, will experience exponential improvements (similar to compound interest).

Working in a career you thoroughly enjoy while building towards financial independence is the ultimate achievement in any professionals work life. So many people settle into jobs and companies early in their careers in which they never really were accustomed or drawn too. Yet earning 60K a year is a hard thing to pass up in most people’s minds, so they settle and grind it out, for decades.

I’m grateful I’m not that type of person. I believe settling, in most capacities, delineates less than desirable lifestyles, which is not a proper way to live.

Maybe you are this type of person or maybe you aren’t. I think we should always do what our soul tells us to do, that way, even on our deathbed, we can be at peace with ourselves and our past life choices. That’s a true mark of a successful life.

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