The First 7 Years

“Your life is being lived rather than living your life.” – Unknown
According to biology scientist, the first 7 years of a person’s life are for programming the mind. A child isn’t fully conscious in these initial 7 years of living. The state of mind is known as theta. Hypnosis. The child is learning how the world works by programming the mind through a state of consciousness that isn’t fully aware of itself yet. You cannot have a reference of how something works without principles, and in these initial 7 years a child is learning these principles that make the world go round.
The thing is, some kids are going to be brainwash and some kids won’t. Regardless, every person is going to be programmed into the person they are going to be for the rest of their lives in these initial 7 years of living. This is powerful knowledge, what’s more, you can reprogram your mind into 1’s and 0’s you agree with, serve you, improve you, rather than constrain or inhibit your advancement as a sentient being on this planet.
Think the thoughts you want to think. Ignore and discharge the thoughts you don’t want. It’s that simple which is the reason it’s a secret to LQ, red pill living. Simple works, people like and reward simple while we punish the ones who complicate things. #KISS
Show me the first 7 years of a man’s life and I’ll show you the man. Granted, if the same man never improves his consciousness through learning, experiences, meditation, he certainly will remain the same man for the entirety of his life, which is a shame. A good life is one of growth and improvement, not stagnation nor leeching off societies handouts.

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