Zen Mind – 10 Years To Financial Freedom

This blog covers topics on how a young professional with no financial windfall goes from negative net worth (student loans) to financially free in 10 years – and not hate their life in the process.

Any day can be your last, so it doesn’t make much sense working 80 hours a week building your financial freedom vehicle and failing to enjoy life. This is where Zen comes in – the mind before thinking. 

To truly feel a sense of happiness in life, regardless of life circumstance, studying and understanding Zen Mind will forever change your life for the better. For example, I was broke, no job, no girlfriend, so to all of society a failure, yet I was still blissfully happy. I focused my attention on Zen, spirituality, medication. I turned my adversity into an opportunity for growth and development as a young man. The lessons and experiences I had will forever be with me, for the rest of my life.

Talk about a fantastic return on investment.

The remainder of my life will be richer and more fruitful from my studies of Zen. Which is a lot to be said for most Millenials, who are broke, on the brink of depression (or depressed), limited financial power, but optimistic about their future. Which is scary to me as I don’t see much of a future for millennials who are following the old recommended path.

That old, dated recommend path includes: go to college, get a job, invest in the stock market via a 401K/Roth, marry, buy a primary house, and proceed to work in indentured servitude for the next 40 years until you’re old, physically weak, and wrinkled. Then retire on a beach (which you will become immeasurably board within 2 weeks)…did I miss anything?

This plan doesn’t make sense to this blogger. Why give up the best years of your life working as an indentured servant? 

I think the best mature plan to take in life would be figuring out an effective, business savvy way to achieve and sustain financial independence. Financial independence is defined as the passive income from your investments and assets cover the cost of your monthly expenses and savings goals.

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