Study Session Notes

WTO is the W – it can take steps to enforce its rulings. Trump is making a mockery of US free trade and international free trade.
WTO - Law - Money
trading…it’s everywhere
We live in a globalized economy. Everything is made everywhere. Example – iPhone. Made in China, sourced in 13+ countries, IP belongs to a software company operating its’ business inside the Internet industry. Accessible¬†via a phone, desktop, or tablet, and becoming the Internet of Things (huge marketplace opportunity).
Mass protests on this day across the world for better worker rights. France, China, etc
Buy Facebook – Zuck’s recent congress grilling will entail his business to cut out their API access to rouge developers. So this means less 3rd parties will use FB’s software, and more people will have to use FB itself. Thus increasing its marketplace value. The money will flow here.
*Vice News Tonight = insider trading information*

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