How to learn at work

Find the people that are best at whatever it is you are paid to do, and study everything about them while at work.

That’s literally all it takes. Now, you should be writing, thinking, experimenting, facilitating scenarios that allow you to use what you’re learning from the master. Yet, you should want to be the master as we all should be seeking mastery in ourselves.

Therefore to become a master you need to learn from the best. The master at work. It’s going to be 1-2 people. There’s no lying about it. Just look at the Pareto Law and tell me otherwise.

Find the 1-2 people around the office whom absolutely crush at their job, at a level so much higher than everyone else. They have it figured out.

Go to every meeting they lead. Sit at their desk for short durations of time (A player’s time is extremely valuable and expensive) dissenting technical aspects of your chosen line of work to further develop your own profession, skill sets, and career. This process greatly expedites the learning curve in which you can make serious marketplace moves, earn a ton of money, have a ton of fun, and eventually land in the top 5% of your field where the big money is.

Big money people are whom you see online the majority of the time. They grapple your mind via various online marketing conversion funnels of emails, social content, blogs, webinars, videos – the big money player’s content, online. Then get paid. Rinse and repeat ad infinite.

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