Sales Solves Everything

Some thoughts on sales. Why believe me? I’m a top salesmen on a top marketing team at a top agency in the US.
Sales - Selling - Negotiation
i know how to sell things online via the IoT
If you can sell, you will be ok. If you don’t know how to sell, work on your pitch.
You have enough time to learn anything, but you don’t have enough time to learn everything. Being that we live in a monetary system ruled by business – sales is something worth mastering.
Selling provides you opportunities to experience different things with different people. When you make a friend or go on a date, you’re essentially selling yourself.
Are you fun? Are you social? Are you mysterious? Are you smart? What are you trying to sell to this person so that you can end up with some end goal.
Disclaimer: sales creates more opportunity and more work so there is a chance for a mistake to happen. With greater risk comes a chance of something bad going wrong. Which is also common in the life of any human. So don’t get hung up on the possible mistakes you could be making, but think of what could go right. What positive things could happen. Be optimistic. Your thoughts are shaping your reality.
Study what the masses do and how the masses behave so you can position money in the direction of the asset classes the masses are operating in.
It’s interesting that information laid out in a certain syntax will make sense while the same information laid out in a different way will not make any sense. What is the best syntax for communication? Speaking from the experience of the other person. Once you go outside their experience, the person may nod their head giving off the perception they know what the hell you’re saying.
In reality, most clients have limited understanding what you’re trying to tell them because it’s beyond their experience. They have no personal context to relate what you telling them to how it will positively impact their business. Thus, change the way you are selling.
The things you’ve experienced can only be understood once another person hears something they can relate to, a shared or similar experience. Otherwise, you’ll be describing a fictional story and that only works in marketing, not sales.
It’s on the edge of things. That times where you say fuck it and go for it. That’s a good sales instincts.
Sales earns you more money. It gives your business or the business you work for more revenue. More revenue solves a lot of problems.
Phone calls are you cash register. You make sales on the phone. Try getting sales via just email is not as effective.
Concerning emails, make it short. Put the ball in their court. Provide data proof in your claim of business benefit and value. Then ask.
Client’s with money need to spend time with you on the phone. Talk about anything with money clients. It’s smart to talk about what they want to talk about at the beginning of the call. Get to know the person as a person, then conduct business.
Lean on your EQ (emotional quotient) when the moment strikes to zap beautiful emotion in the conversation.

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