Commodities Highest Returning Asset Class 2018

So far, commodities are crushing your ROI investment in the financial markets. Take a look at this research by Visual Capitalist. Commodities and gold are the best performing asset classes of 2018 thus far. My questioning comes down to this – are we in a reset phase? Is a bear market in the S&P500 looming? I […]

Good Investing Questions To Answer Oneself

Good questions to ask: How do I make money in a society ruled by a monetary system? What is the Federal Reserve doing with their balance sheets? Which countries are deploying long term thinking in the digital space? Which parts of the world are preparing for a digital revolution via the internet of things? Do rational […]

Fear – Asset or Liability?

I’ve studied Jordan Peterson’s work heavily over the past 6 months, and this genius and elevated intellectual being advises us to think about fear differently, which I’ve found to be extremely effective in my life.   For starters, Peterson acknowledges that fear is always going to be there. Life is going to entail suffering in […]

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a digital marketing tactic to drive more users to your website i.e. salesperson, or business if you built a software or information product. SEO is important, just as SEM and email marketing are important too. Yet SEO is a creative professional’s best friend because who doesn’t love free clicks? Think […]