Networking In The Rough

Interesting story on networking.
Earlier this month one of my units underwent an annual electrical check which comes complimentary with Lion’s Home Service (local HVAC I use) and struck up a conversation with then electrican. It turns out this six foot 30 year old is a boss – he owns two properties in CO and six out of state, worked for the biggest real estate tycoon in Northern Colorado, and has access to a hard money lender whom can provide up to $3,000,000 at 11% interest tomorrow. This guy is 30 and makes 50K a year as an electrician.
How did he achieve such a rapid ascension of success? As it turns out, he had a massive head start. His parents own 200+ units, gifted him 2 properties after graduating college in which he financially leveraged into buying more properties. As he was working as an electrician, he worked on rich people’s homes and in time found the top real estate guy in Northern Colorado whom offered to teach this man more about the real estate business. His name is Mr. Boss and he’s in our network now, so if you need a hard money loan, let me know and I’ll link you up!

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