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As I’m building my clients marketing campaigns, I’m discovering something about computers, software, and business that promises time savings and more money.

I hope I have your attention.

The hardest part about effective marketing is the beginning, especially if the business has zero digital history (spend and/or organic). After the initial campaign builds, the account either converts or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, strap up, because a lot of work, account management, and salesmanship is in due order. Nobody wants to lose business now do they?

As a professional starts working on an account’s marketing strategy, one will decide which channels the website/app will have the greatest chance of success. The bigger the site, the greater SEO has a shot of generating a profitable revenue stream. If the product or service is niche, then paid ads especially across Google’s AdWords should prove quite effective.

The longer it takes to get this marketing strategy right, the more budget it’s going to take. Once the proper strategy is in place and the business is growing, it’s now about scaling the number of users to the site to get more revenue, subscribers, sales, leads.

Marketers need to throw everything they THINK will stick up on the wall, and then look at what actually sticks after 3-6 months of data accumulation.

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