Ecom Vision

I have 133 products pending approval in Merchant Center! Yes baby, one step closer. Man, if I get a few sales my first week running ads, I’m going to be very excited. I will have found a profitable software model I can build from anywhere in the world. I’ll add other high ticket products to my feed next week at the office. There’s over 1,000 new products to choose from, all of which have product pages created and monthly search traffic – nice!

My unfair advantage is my two year long¬†apprenticeship in digital marketing, sales, and running a book of business. Plus another 4 years of industry experience in technology. I’m not even 30 yet. This is great. I can compete with these young bucks in their early 20’s who had massive family advantages I never had. If I can make money online, at scale, I can surpass their earnings abilities and have the luxury of working from anywhere in the world. I can build any brand from anywhere in the world. If I have a passion for a certain topic, I can create an ecom store or an online brand to monetize that passion, from anywhere in the world.

How about owning a small cabin in the mountains where I spend my winters enjoying 90+ mountain day’s during ski season? Don’t mind if I do good sir! That’s a rad life.

As you continue to level up your life, new experiences will provide my mind wonderful foder for content. This should be monetized online making me richer. This process fuels my perpetual money making machine providing me more freedom and more choices.

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